Overview Perodua Viva 

In spite of its compact body, Perodua Viva has a surprisingly large luggage-carrying capacity. Perodua Viva is known to be one of Malaysia's most fuel economic cars ever since the production of the Perodua Kancil and Kelisa. With a fuel usage range from 15.1km per litre, the Perodua Viva is definitely a car that is a comfort to your pocket.

Despite its lightweight appearance and drive style, the Perodua Viva is a comfort to drive, even when compared to the Perodua Kancil both for veteran and amateur drivers alike. With a built in ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for safety and dual airbag for a full spec car, power steering for comfort and consumer convenience and a spacious seating in comparison to the previous Perodua models, the Perodua Viva is one car built for comfort and affordable luxury.